A Pause for the Humanities

As a lifetime resident of Los Angeles, the current spectrum of human experience in this city is tremendously vast. From homelessness to billionaires, less than five thousand square miles are home to nearly twenty million people. All forms of misery, bliss and everything in between coexist. Within this space, the populace allows the unique opportunity to observe the humanities – or at least be mindful of them.

At a glance, the practicality of studying anthropology, classics, history, languages, law, literature, philosophy, the arts or any other human societal discipline may seem pointless. In fact, as a graduate of classical studies now working in precision manufacturing, you don’t usually hear me translating Latin while calibrating durometers. It’s taught me nothing of operating machinery, CAD nor being dexterous.

Instead, studying the humanities taught a far deeper and overarching lesson: to be an inquisitive, diligent and critical thinker in everything I do. It provided the tools to excel in learning everything I didn’t know and to not only ask “how” something is done but more importantly “why”.

He who knows the “why” for his existence… will be able to bear almost any “how”.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) from his Twilight of the Idols

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